Changing Beliefs, Changing Lives, Your jumping off point for the next you.

Brent Bigham is a psychic medium, Intuitive healer, certified master life coach, and Blue Star master. 

What I Do

Blue Star Healing Session

In this 60 minute session, heal your mind, body, and soul with this Blue Star Healing treatment. Blue Star is a type of energy work that works with the 12 layers of DNA, helping to reprogram our molecular structure and rewire our bodies into healing itself.

Ascension Coaching

Get the knowledge, resources, guidance, and support to tackle your spiritual growth journey with the help of my Ascension Coaching Package. With Ascension Coaching, you will discover and unlock the limiting beliefs that are blocking you from moving forward in your spiritual growth, heal from old trauma, and reconnect to your divine and true self. Mixing traditional life coaching, CBT, shamanic practices, and Blue Star energy healing, We work together to uncover and recognize old patterns of belief, teaching you how to identify and heal from these blockages. Learning these tools to help you heal from what is holding you back in life, you can carry these with you for years to come, having the confidence and power to move past any obstacle that arises in your life.

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I reached out to Brent to stabilize my emotional life. I was seeking answers and wanted to advance my healing journey. Since completing Brent’s coaching program, I have a newfound sense of serenity. My discernment and comfort within my personal spiritual practice has greatly increased. My self-doubt has transformed to self-trust. The greatest gift from this program was my complete perception change. I now have faith. No matter how painful my circumstances, I know they are happening FOR me instead of to me! Brent was great at making spiritual concepts clear, often drawing from his own, life experiences. I’m thankful for Brent’s non-judgmental approach. He infused every session with genuine compassion, generosity and patience. I wish you well, Brent, and I know you’ll help many others just as profoundly!

A.I. Switzerland

My Story

Brent Bigham a psychic medium, Intuitive healer, certified master life coach, and Blue Star master. He has three beautiful children and currently calls Kentucky home. Brent came to learn about his abilities later in life. He is a survivor of childhood abuse both physical and emotional. Brent has come to be grateful for the lessons in his life because he can help others who have also been abused.

His healing journey started at 38 when his ex-wife was arrested for domestic violence. Suddenly, finding himself a single father with three kids while on dialysis. That event would send him into a depression spiral. Brent would eventually hit rock bottom. Until one day he was sent a vision by his future self of how wonderful his life would be if he just carried on.