Ascension coaching directly connects you with Source energy. Together, we explore and release limiting and distorted beliefs—for every level of spiritual development. Your growth will accelerate, and you’ll remember your true, divine magnificence.

Where do I start?

  There are several packages designed to meet you where you are along the path.


Journey to self-acceptance. 

This level is for anyone who is starting or new to their spiritual journey

Heal abuse

Change limiting core beliefs

Forgive yourself and others

Realize your true power

Ten weeks of coaching and Two energy healing sessions




Journey to self-mastery


This level is designed for those who want to connect more with their divinity

Meditations designed to relax and allow you to go beyond who you think you are 

Intuitive training

Connecting with spirit for personal guidance

Deep dive into limiting beliefs

Instruction on any specific intuitive topic you choose. 



The Masters’ Journey

This high-level intuitive practice is designed for those who want to reach their spiritual calling  

fully enhance your gifts 

live a divinely inspired life

release attachment to outcome